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EMD SD45T-2 Tunnel Motors

Prototype Information - SD45T-2
EMD turned out 249 of the SD45T-2's from 1972 through 1975.
These weighted between 386,000 and 391,000 pounds.The behemoth SD80 can generate up to 5,000 horsepower.
Equipped with a 20 cylinder 645E3 these locos developed up to 3600 horsepower. (By way of comparison the new SD80 MACS from EMD generate up to 5,000 horsepower.

EMD SD40T-2's

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Model Features :
Unit will be based on the fine running Atlas EMD SD50/60 mechanism..
Engines will be DCC ready - easily converted.
Locos to be equipped with Accu-Mate couplers.
Look for outstanding detail - comparable to InterMountain's EMD FT's.
InterMountain is determined to become a major "player" in the N Scale locomotive market -- and watch for these locos (as well as their soon to be released EMD FT's) to bear this out!

Modeling era: 1974 to present.
Price TBA - details to be posted as they become available.

InterMountain "Regal Line" N Scale SD40T, SD45T and SD45-2's Advance Reservatoins being accepted for all future models. Your Shopping Cart will show a "free" no deposit reservation at this time. Your card will not be charged until time of actual shipment. A separate shipping/handling charage of $7.95 will be applied at the time of shipment. Expect these to be released in "batches" over a period of time -- they will not be available all at once. Please watch our web site for new details on these models as they are released. In stock items in white fields available for immediate shipment.

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SD45T-2 Tunnel Motor
Bessemer & Lake Erie SD45T-2
ITEM # IN-69512 - 4 new Road #'s - Reserve now!

LIST: $119.98

Canadian National/DMIR SD45T-2
ITEM # IN-69511 - 3 new Road #'s - Reserve now!

LIST: $119.98

Cotton Belt SD45T-2
ITEM # IN-69501 - 4 new Road #'s - 9265, 9280, 9286, 9294

LIST: $119.98

ITEM # IN-69505 - 3 Road #'s - Reserve now!

LIST: $119.98

InterMountain Larry's Truck Service SD45T-2
Larry's Truck Service SD45T-2
ITEM # IN-69513 - 6 Road #'s - Leasing Co.

LIST: $119.98

InterMountain SP Kodachrome SD45T-2
SP Kodachrome SD45T-2
ITEM # IN-69507 - 6 Road #'s -

LIST: $119.98

Union Pacific SD45T-2
ITEM # IN-69504 6 Road #'s Are Available!

LIST: $119.98

EMD SD45-2's

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