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N Scale Structure Kits
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New - N Scale Laser Cut Structure Kit from JL Innovative

J.L. Innovative Design offers a series of pre-cut basswood kits. The kits feature Grandt Line windows/doors. Latest kit from JL Innovative is their #210 Woody's Tavern. This is a complete "Tavern Scene". It includes over a dozen cast and plastic detail parts. It comes complete with multi view detailed drawings and 70 full color sada/tavern poster signs

JL Innovative Design Hubermill Warehouse Kit
JL Innovative Design Labosky's Auto Repair Kit
#120 Hubermill Warehouse
#140 Labosky's Auto Repair
Hubermill Warehouse Kit
ITEM # JL-120

List: $26.95

Labosky's Auto Repair Kit
ITEM # JL-140

List: $21.95

JL Innovative Design Brookside Ice House Kit
JL Innovative Design Woody's Tavern Kit
#190 Brookside Ice House
#210 Woody's Tavern
Brookside Ice House Kit
ITEM # JL-190

List: $27.95

Woody's Tavern
ITEM # JL-210

List: $29.95

#240 Avon Street Elevated Gate Tower
#260 East Junction Section House
Avon Street Elevated Gate Tower Kit
ITEM # JL-240

List: $18.95

East Junction Section House Kit
ITEM # JL-260

List: $18.95

#290 Bagwell Junction Tower
#310 McLeod Super Service
Bagwell Junction Tower Kit
ITEM # JL-290

List: $24.95

McLeod Super Service Kit
ITEM # JL-310

List: $25.95

JL Innovative Design Saw Pit Store
JL Innovative Design McSorley's Old Ale House Kit
#320 Saw Pit Store
#330 McSoreley's Old Ale House
Saw Pit Store
ITEM # JL-320

List: $24.95

McSoreley's Old Ale House
ITEM # JL-330 - Vehicles not included!

List: $34.95

JL Innovative Design Storm Lake Mobil Kit
#430 Storm Lake Mobil Station Kit
Laser Cut Kit - Figures/Vehicles are not included. Cast metal pump details ARE included.
Storm Lake Mobil Kit
ITEM # JL-430

List: $29.95

JL Innovative Design East Junction Yard Office Kit
JL Innovative Design Red Rock Water Tower Kit
#450 East Junction Yard Office - Laser Cut
#520 Red Rock Water Tower - Laser Cut
East Junction Yard Office Kit
ITEM # JL-450

List: $17.95

Red Rock Water Tower Kit
ITEM # JL-520

List: $23.95


* Laser cut walls/shingles
*Injection molded doors/windows
*Cast Metal details included
*Telephone pole included
*Detailed multi-view drawings

Illustration shows both sides of tower. 1 tower/kit
#570 Michigan Avenue Tower
Michigan Avenue Tower
ITEM # JL-570

List: $22.95

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