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Amfleet Cars
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Amtrak Amfleet Phase I Paint Scheme

Kato's new Amfleet I Cafe Car

Kato's new Amfleet I Coach Car
New Announcement - Kato will offer Amfleet I Passenger Cars - Perfect complment for the coming SDP-40's.

Amfleet I: During its beginnings, Amtrak inherited its passenger cars from other railroads. Old, steam heated and in dire need of upgrades, Amtrak set out to replace these cars in 1973 with the purchase of the first Amfleet cars from Budd. This initial batch of 492 cars were the Amfleet I - with a door and vestibule on either end (unlike their single-doored successor), these cars fell into a few different varieties but essentially broke down into coach and dinette variants. Despite the introduction of their newer cousins, Amfleet I's are still in use by Amtrak, primarily for shorter distance routes.

Amtrak Amfleet 1, 4 Car Bookcase Set
ITEM # KA-1068011 - 3 Coaches, 1 Cafe Car, 7 Slot Bookcase Box
Coaches 21116, 21214, 21253 and Cafe Car 20030

List: $125.00

Amtrak Amfleet 1, 2 Coach Set
ITEM # KA-1068012 - Coach #'s 21226, 21234

List: $55.00

Amtrak Amfleet 1, Coach & Cafe Set
ITEM # KA-1068013 - Coach #'s 21232, Cafe Car # 20041

List: $55.00

Amtrak Amfleet Baggage Cars

Amtrak Amfleet Ph 1, 2 Baggage Car Set
ITEM # KA-1063512 - REISSUE - Baggage Cars 1075, 1076

List: $45.00

Re-issued, with same road # as before.
Amtrak Amfleet Baggage Ph VI #1221
ITEM # KA-1560953

List: $25.00

Amtrak P42 Superliner N Scale Starter Set

This is a great way to introduce someone to the pleasures of N scale. It includes a great running Kato P42 Phase Vb diesel with 3 matching Superliner cars: Sleeper, Coach and Lounge all in IVb paint, an oval of easy to use Kato track, a Kato Power Pack and instructions. Way to go! Now available again.

Amtrak P42 Superliner Starter Set
ITEM # KA-1060017 - Loco, Track, Pack plus 3 Car Set

List: $280.00

Amfleet Viewliner Intercity Express Set
Kato Amfleet and Viewliner Passenger Set
Kato #1066281 N P42, Amfleet, Viewliner Intercity Express Set.
Ph VI 4-car base set includes 1 ea: GE P42 Genesis Ph V, #188, Amfleet II Coach Ph VI #25120, Amfleet II Coach Ph VI, #25102 and Viewliner Sleeper PH VI #32001.
Kato #1066282 N P42, Amfleet, Viewliner Intercity 3 Car Add/On Set

Ph VI 3 Car Add-On set includes 1 ea: Amfleet II Coach Ph VI #25108, Amfleet II Coach-Cafe Ph VI #28014 and Viewliner Sleeper Ph VI #62036
Set 1066281 includes loco plus 3 cars
Set 1066282 includes display box plus 3 cars
N P42 Amfleet, Viewliner Intercity Express Set
ITEM # KA-1066281 -

LIST: $170

N Amfleet, Viewliner Add-On Set
ITEM # KA-1066282 -

LIST: $100

GE P42 "Genesis" Amtrak Ph V, rd #194
ITEM # KA-1766011

LIST: $110

Amfleet II Passenger Cars

Amtrak Amfleet II Ph III Set B
ITEM # KA-1066292 - Cafe and Baggage Car -

LIST: $55.00

Viewliner Sleeper Ph VI #62049
ITEM # KA-1560952 -

LIST: $25

Amtrak Baggage Ph VI #1221
ITEM # KA-1560953 -

LIST: $25

Amfleet Viewliner Phase Vb Intercity Express Set

Amtrak's newest P42 paint scheme, the modified "wave", joins their latest Passenger equipment in the Phase VI paint in this new Amtrak Passenger release from Kato. This release of "Starter Series" and Bookcase P42, Viewliner, and Amfleet II sets is perfect for modelers looking for additional Amfleet and Viewliner Cars ... as well as those interested in adding the latest P42 paint scheme.
KA-1066285 Set includes GE P42 Loco in Amtrak's newest paint scheme plus 2 Amfleet II coaches plus Viewliner Sleeper in Ph VI paint.
KA-1066286 Viewliner Intercity Expresss Ph VI 3 Car Set includes Amfleet II Coach, Coach-Cafe and Viewliner Sleeper in Ph VI paint.

Kato has re-run the Amfleet sets 1066285 / 1066286. They are now back in stock.
IMPORTANT NOTE; They have the same road #'s as the original run!
N P42 Amfleet Ph Vb, Viewliner Intercity Express Set
ITEM # KA-1066285 - Loco plus 3 Car Set

LIST: $170

N P42 Amfleet Ph Vb, Viewliner Intercity Express Set
ITEM # KA-1066286 - 3-Car Add-on Set

LIST: $100

Amtrak Cities Sprinter - All NEW Locos and Cars
Amtrak Cities Sprinter

The ACS-64, also known as the "Amtrak Cities Sprinter", is Amtrak's replacement of the aging AEM-7 and HHP-8 electric locomotives for operation in the Northeast and Keystone Corridors. Built by Siemens and based on the EuroSprinter European electric locomotive design, the Cities Sprinter is nonetheless a unique model to North America and is built entirely in the United States. The Prototype, entering service as of February 2014, is meant to pull as many as 18 Amfleet cars at speeds of up to 125 miles per hour!


This release will be of a brand new tooling electric Locomotive from Kato in N scale as well as a brand new passenger car release! The Amfleet I, similar to Kato’s previously released Amfleet II, will replicate the prototype’s distinctive inside bearing trucks and body shape, while the ACS-64 is being built from the ground up to maximize pulling power and smooth running. Featuring all new molding and detailing, designed with assistance from both Siemens and Amtrak, the ACS-64 will have drop-in DCC compatibility, directional lighting, adjustable pantographs, and a seamless, modern look!

In stock - shipping!
ACS-64 Cities Sprinter Loco and 4 Car Amfleet Set
ITEM # KA-1068001 - Loco/4 Cars/Bookcase Display

List: $250.00

Amfleet I Phase VI 2 Car Set A
ITEM # KA-1068002 - Coaches 82039, 82755

List: $55.00

Amfleet I Phase VI 2 Car Set B
ITEM # KA-1068003 - Coach 82647, Cafe 48159

List: $55.00

Amtrak SuperLiner/MHC Cars - Click on photos below
Amtrak F40PH Locos - Click on photos below
Amtrak Genesis Locos - Click on photos below
Kato P42 Loco, Amtrak Ph V


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