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Kato UP Heritage Series in N Scale

Prototype Information
The Union Pacific painted a special "Heritage" set of their SD70ACe locos. Included are:

UP SD70ACe in yellow/gray with wings and US Flag on long hood.

UP-MP Heritage SD70ACe #UP 1982 in blue/light blue/aluminum.

UP-WP Heritage SD70ACe #UP1983 in Pearlman Green/orange/gray.

UP-D&RGW Heritage SD70ACe #UP1995 in yellow/green/silver

UP-WP Heritage SD70ACe #UP1989 in aspen gold/shale gray/black

UP-MKT Heritage SD70ACe #UP1988 in red/maroon/silver/aluminum

UP-SP Heritage SD70ACe #UP1996 in orange/red/black/silver.

Model Features

Kato has still not released specific details ...
- Will they offer these individually?
- Will there be a special commemorative set
- Prices / Stock #'s / Delivery Dates all TBA

We can expect these great features:.
Bright-white™ LED directional headlight.
Illuminated preprinted numberboards
MU hose detail.
Magnetic knuckle couplers.
DCC Friendly--designed for simple installation of digital decoders.
These models will be equipped with all-wheel electrical pick-up and blackened metal wheels in trucks that replicate the HTCR Phase II trucks.
All models will be equipped with Kato's new profile blackened metal wheels and magnetic couplers.
All models are equipped with the powerful KATO five-pole motor with dual brass flywheels and new Shock Absorber mechanism.
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Item Number

Qty to

Kato has adopted a MAP pricing policy so that prices may not be advertised. You can click on the "Map Pricing" logo above for an explanaton of what this means. To find BLW's price on these items, please click on the "Add" or "Reserve" buttons below right, Reservations being accepted now for 2nd Quarter 2016 Delivery. Your shopping cart will show a free zero deposit reservation. Your card is not charged until time of actual shipment when a shipping charge of only $7 will be applied for Priority Mail delivery.

Kato's EMD SD70ACe's

Kato's supert SD70ACe ... with a Swoosh!
BNSF Swoosh EMD SD70ACe, rd #9376
ITEM # KA-1768434

List: $130.00

BNSF Swoosh EMD SD70ACe, rd #9394
ITEM # KA-1768435

List: $130.00

Kato CSX SD70ACe
CSX SD70ACe's - Re-Run w/New Road #'s
CSX Dark Future EMD SD70ACe, rd #4835
ITEM # KA-1768436

List: $130.00

CSX Dark Future EMD SD70ACe, rd #4850
ITEM # KA-1768437

List: $130.00

Kato UP SD70ACe
UP #8444 is being re-run with SAME ROAD #. This is the EXCURSION TRAIN SD70ACe.
Item 1768433 fports road #8512 - which has never previously been offered.
UP Excursion Train EMD SD70ACe, rd #8444
ITEM # KA-1768404 - In Stock!

List: $130.00

UP EMD SD70ACe, rd #8512
ITEM # KA-1768433 - In Stock!

List: $130.00

Kato George W. Bush EMD SD70ACe
Elements from Air Force One's wings and tail, including an American flag, were placed on No. 4141's rear panel, with the sweeping lines of forward motion representing progress. You might even see the real locomotive because over the next decade, UP 4141 is expected to operate for at least one million miles. Now, you can display and/or operate an N scale model of this famous prototype.
George W. Bush EMD SD70ACe, rd #4141
ITEM # KA-1768411 -

LIST: $130

Kato UP Heritage SD70ACe's
Kato Union Pacific SD70ACe
Union Pacific EMD SD70ACe, rd #8424
ITEM # KA-1768401 -

LIST: $110

Kato Rio Grande SD70ACe
D&RGW EMD SD70ACe, rd #1989
ITEM # KA-1768405 -

LIST: $120

Southern Pacific EMD SD70ACe, rd #1996
ITEM # KA-1768406 -

LIST: $130

Kato Chicago & Northwestern SD70ACe
C&NW EMD SD70ACe, rd #1995
ITEM # KA-1768407 -

LIST: $110

Katy EMD SD70ACe, rd #1988
ITEM # KA-1768409 - Retired!

LIST: $130

Missouri Pacific EMD SD70ACe, rd #1982
ITEM # KA-1768408 - Retired!

LIST: $130

Western Pacific EMD SD70ACe, rd #1983
ITEM # KA-1768410 -

LIST: $130

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SD70M w/HTCR Trucks - click on photo for listing of all roads available

SD70M w/Nose Headlights - click on photo for listing of all roads available
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