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Silver Streak Zephyr

Illustrations, technical information courtesy of Katousa.com
CB&Q "Silver Steak Zephyr"
Kato's Silver Streak Zephyr is available again in limited quantities! Wrapped in a specially decorated and printed bookcase style package, the “Silver Streak Zephyr” is a complete classic named train in a single box, containing both the E5A locomotive “Silver Bullet” (complete with prototypical skirted trucks) and the five-car consist that made up this CB&Q streamlined and corrugated train.

Also coming for the first time are the "Red Band" version of CB&Q's E5, including the #9911A Museum model. Check these new offerings out, toward the bottom of the page.

The CB&Q E5's were custom built with stainless steel corrugated sides so as to match their stainless cars; a feature that gives these locos a noticeable shine and makes the matching Silver Streak Zephyr so elegant.

A special feature of the new Kato EMD E5A is that the front coupler cowling can be removed on both the skirted and un-skirted units in order to mount a Kato magnetic knuckle coupler – this allows modelers to double head these locomotives when pulling longer trains such as the California Zephyr!

The EMD E5 has a distinctive raised angular radiator grill arrangement on the roof that was specific for that locomotive.

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Silver Streak Zephyr 5 Car Set - Bookcase Packaging

Kato has adopted a MAP pricing policy so that prices of new releases may not be advertised. You can click on the "Map Pricing" logo above for an explanaton of what this means. To find BLW's price on these items, please click on the "Add" or "Reserv" button below right. It will disply the BLW sale price. Special shipping offer - only $6.75 shipping on pre-reserved Red Band E5 Locos ... below.

Kato has just re-released a very limited run of the popular Silver Streak Zephyr 5 car sets, which come complete with loco. Road #'s / Road names are the same as before -- but if you missed out, this is a great opportunity to add this classic train to your collection. Also be sure to check out the all new "Red Band" E5 locos coming later this year.
Silver Steak Zephyr 5 Car with Loco Set
ITEM # KA-106090 - Reissued / Same Road Names / Numbers

List: $250

CB&Q EMD E5A Locos
Silver Speed CB&Q E5A 9910A
ITEM # KA-1765401 - / Limited to stock on hand

List: $110

Silver Speed Black Band #9910A - w/
ITEM # KA-1765401DCC - Due late August '17

List: $150

Silver Pilot CB&Q E5A 9911A
ITEM # KA-1765402 -

LIST: $110

CB&Q Silver Pilot Red Band #9911A - (Illinois Railway Museum)
ITEM # KA-1765403 - Due late August '17

List: $110.00

CB&Q Silver Pilot Red Band #9911A - (Illinois Railway Museum) w/
ITEM # KA-1765403DCC - Due late August '17

List: $150

CB&Q Red Band #9912A - 1960's Version
ITEM # KA-1765404 - Due late August '17

List: $110.00

CB&Q Red Band #9912A - 1960's Version w/
ITEM # KA-1765404DCC - Due late August '17

List: $150

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