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Milwaukee Road Releases
Fox Valley Models Special Run Milwaukee Road Box Cars

Milwaukee Road Spent Grain Boxcar 2 Pack Set
ITEM # NSE-MilwSpent2


Milwaukee Road Spent Grain Boxcar, Single Car
ITEM # NSE-MilwSpent - Single Car from Set/Our choice rd #


Milwaukee Road Short Rib Boxcar 2 Pack Set
ITEM # NSE-MilwShort2


Milwaukee Road Short Rib Boxcar, Single Car
ITEM # NSE-MilwShort - Single Car from Set/Our choice rd #


Milwaukee National Convention 2013 - Special Run Offerings
Brooklyn Locomotive Works
is a proud supporter of the
N Scale 2013 National Convention
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Milwaukee Road Hydroframe 2 Pack Set

Milwaukee Road Hydroframe 60 Box Car 2 Pack
ITEM # NSE-MilwHydro -2 Car Collector Set


Milwaukee Road Retro Hydroframe 60 Single Door Box Cars

Beautiful 3 car set of prototypical paint schemes used by the Milwaukee Road on their series of Hydroframe 60 Single Door 50' Box Cars. Beautifully captured by Micro-Trains for the N Scale Enthusiast

Milwaukee Road Retro Hydroframe 60 Box Car Set
ITEM # NSE-MilwRetro -3 Car Collector Set


Milwaukee Solvay Coke Co.

Set #1 includes a solid black car w/white lettering and a solid silver car with black lettering.
Set #2 includes 2 cars that are silver on top, but all black on the bottom.

Milwaukee Solvay Coke Tanker Set #1
ITEM # NSE-MilwSolvay1 - 2 Car Set / In Stock!,


Milwaukee Solvay Coke Tanker Set #2
ITEM # NSE-MilwSolvay2 - 2 Car Set / In Stock!,


Wisconsin & Southern Troop Support 3 Pack Set

Espanding on the Wisconsin & Southern Support Our Troops boxcars, The N Scale Enthusiast has "expanded' the line to include 3 Troop Support 3 Bay Covered Hoppers -- beautifully executed by InterMountain Railway. Part of the proceeds from the sale of this 3 pack are being donated to Disabled American Veterans Organization by the N Scale Enthusiast. Win / Win. Support a worthy cause, add these great looking cars to your collection.

Wisconsin & Southern Troop Support 3 Pack Set
ITEM # NSE-W&S-TroopSupport


Milwaukee -- Famous Wisconsin Cheese

Milwaukee Wisconsin Cheese Hopper Set
ITEM # NSE-MilwCheese - InterMountain 2 Car Set


Milwaukee Road Grain Hauler Set

Milwaukee Road Grain Haulers 3 Pack Set
ITEM # NSE-MilwGrain - In Stock!,


Milwaukee Road Loaded Gondola Set

Milwaukee Road 50' Gondola 3 Pack Set
ITEM # NSE-Milw - In Stock!, Includes Baled Scrap Metal Loads


Milwaukee Road 50' Flat w/Wheel Load
ITEM # NSE-Milw - In Stock!


Milwaukee Road Cityscape Trailer

Milwaukee Road Cityscape Trailer
ITEM # NSE-MilwCity -Micro-Trains Trailer


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