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Rapido Trains N Scale Passenger Cars
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N Scale New Haven 8600 Stainless Steel Coaches
Rapido Trains N Scale

We’re massive fans of the New Haven so it gives us great please to announce that following the success of our HO scale model of the 8600-series coach, we’re now producing it in N scale.

In order to attract customers back to the rails after the end of WWII, the New Haven decided to modernize the fleet with new lightweight passenger cars. In December 1945 a large order was placed with Pullman-Standard for a variety of car styles, including 103 coaches, 25 parlor cars, diners, grill diners, combination baggage buffet lounge/parlors, and two tavern lounge observation cars. These were produced in the old Osgood Bradley factory in Worcester, MA, so they bear more than a passing resemblance to the Osgood Bradley Lightweights delivered in the 1930s.

The New Haven’s stainless cars were not built entirely from stainless steel like the cars produced by Budd in Philadelphia. Instead, they were constructed from Cor-Ten steel and sheathed with stainless steel fluting panels. The New Haven touted the 8600s as “the newest of the new in coach equipment – gleaming stainless steel on the outside, the last word in attractive decoration and design on the inside.”

The 8600-series coaches were ubiquitous, used on trains system-wide from delivery until the Penn Central years. Penn Central later sold 74 of the 8600s to MBTA and they remained in service in the Boston area until 1988! N Scale Northeastern modelers have waited far too long for accurate models of these iconic cars. The wait will soon be over.

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Order Deadline: 9/15/2017
Important Note: Rapido Trains has announced another new - 1st time in N scale model: the New Haven Stainless Steel Lightweight Coach. Your shopping cart will show a "free" zero deposit reservation. Your card will not be charged until time of actual shipment. A separate shipping/handlilng charge of only $8.49 maximlum for Prioirty Mail shipment will be added at the time the actual shipment is made. Sorry, but in stock items cannot be held for advance reservations to arrive.
Cars shown in "yellow" field strip are advance reservation items - due early '2018
Important Note Regarding Road Numbers
Under each photo are listed all of the road #'s being released for that item. If you order 4 pieces, you would be shipped 4 different stock #'s. If you want a specific road # -- please specify in the comments section of the check-out page.
N Scale New Haven 8600 Series Coach - As Delivered w/Skirts

6 road #'s announced: 8600, 8612, 8626, 8638, 8656, 8701
New Haven As Delivered w/Skirts 8600 Series Coach
ITEM # RT-517001 - 6 Road #'s

List: $59.95

N Scale New Haven 8600 Series Coach - Red Window Band w/Skirts

6 road #'s announced: 8605, 8614, 8637, 8645, 8654, 8681
New Haven Red Window Band w/Skirts 8600 Series Coach
ITEM # RT-517007 - 6 Road #'s

List: $59.95

N Scale New Haven 8600 Series Coach - Red Window Band No Skirts

6 road #'s announced: 8602, 8613, 8632, 8641, 8648, 8659
New Haven Red Window Band w/No Skirts 8600 Series Coach
ITEM # RT-517013 - 6 Road #'s

List: $59.95

N Scale Penn Central 8600 Series Coach - Green Window Band No Skirts

6 road #'s announced: 2522, 2533, 2549, 2555, 2569, 2574
Penn Central w/Green Window Band w/No Skirts 8600 Series Coach
ITEM # RT-517019 - 6 Road #'s

List: $59.95

N Scale MBTA 8600 Series Coach - Purple Window Band No Skirts

6 road #'s announced: 2524, 2530, 3532, 2554, 2562, 2598
MBTA Purple Window Band w/No Skirts 8600 Series Coach
ITEM # RT-517025 - 6 Road #'s

List: $59.95

N Scale 8600 Series Coach - Undecorated
Undecorated 8600 Series Coach w/Skirts
ITEM # RT-517098

List: $59.95

Undecorated 8600 Series Coach w/No Skirts
ITEM # RT-517099

List: $59.95

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