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50' Pacific Car & Foundry Insulated Box Car
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Reservation Closing Date: Aug 9, 2017
Delivery - 4th Qtr 2017
Important Note: Multiple Road #'s are available. You will receive all different / unique road #'s up the the total # being made. (For example, on ATSF there are 8 unique #'s - if you ordered 8 cars you would be sent 8 unique road #'s). If you ordered more than 8, there would be duplication.
Standard shipping / handling charges apply - will be added at the time of actual shipment. Orders for these cars will be ship Priority Mail. A maximum charge of $9.75 would apply..
Cars shown in "yellow" field strip are advance reservation items - 4th Qtr 2017
50' Pacific Car & Foundry Insulated Box Cars - New Run!

ot your average box car ... incredibly popular among shippers numbering beyond the hundreds of thousands. These specially equipped insulated box cars were cushioned from slack action, protected with load equipment to prevent shifting loads, and insulated from extremes in temperature. Serving the food industry primarily, they were used by any shipper requiring a constant temperature and a nice cushioned ride.

Wheels of Time brings you the 50-ft Pacific Car & Foundry Insulated Loader-Equipped box car*.

Model Features:

Railroad specific options include new plug door versions and Hydra-Cushion or Keystone cushioning details. Our cars will ride at the proper height on realistic trucks with metal wheelsets; have body-mounted couplers like the real thing; have realistic underframe details; even have rivets at the side seams, and with the ultra-precise Wheels of Time tooling and authentic and attractive lettering and decoration you’ve come to expect from Wheels of Time.

*New Run coming - 4th Qtr 2017 features:
*Two New Door Designs
* Landis or Keystone Plug Doors
* New Prototypical Paint Schemes w/Multiple Road #'s

ATSF Super Shock Control 50-ft Exterior Post Insulated Boxcars. 8 Road #'s:
522300, 522352, 522373, 522409, 522486, 522509, 522571 and 522593

ATSF Shock Control 50' PC&F Boxcar
ITEM # WOT-61111 - 8 Road #'s

List: $26.59

Denver & Rio Grande 50-ft PC& 50-ft RBL Insulated Boxcars. 8 Road #'s:
61500, 61525, 61569, 61571, 61593, 61613, 61678 and 61702

Denver & Rio Grande 50' PC&F Boxcar
ITEM # WOT-61119 - 8 Road #'s

List: $26.59

Frisco 50-ft PC& 50-ft XLI Insulated Boxcars. End of car cushioning: 8 Road #'s:
600021, 600021, 600118, 600124, 600197, 600225, 600253, 600260

Frisco 50' PC&F Boxcar
ITEM # WOT-61127 - 8 Road #'s

List: $26.59

Missouri Pacific 50-ft PC& 50-ft RBL Insulated Boxcars. Shock Control 8 Road #'s:
780775, 780787, 780800, 780811, 780820, 780858, 780866, 780872

Missouri Pacific 50' PC&F Boxcar
ITEM # WOT-61135 - 8 Road #'s

List: $26.59

Penn Central 50-ft PC& 50-ft RBL Insulated Boxcars.Merchants Despatch Co. 8 Road #'s:
306510, 306516, 306522, 3006533, 306539, 306551, 306555, 306562

Penn Central 50' PC&F Boxcar
ITEM # WOT-61143 - 8 Road #'s

List: $26.59

Nestle 50-ft PC& 50-ft RBL Insulated Boxcars. North American Car. 2 Road #'s:
TNCX 43120, TNCX 43131

Nestle 50' PC&F Boxcar
ITEM # WOT-61151 - 2 Road #'s

List: $26.59

Helm-Pacific Leasing 50-ft PC& 50-ft RBL Insulated Boxcars. 2 Road #'s:
HPJX 90239, HPJX 90242

Helm Pacific Leasing 50' PC&F Boxcar
ITEM # WOT-61153 - 2 Road #'s

List: $26.59

50' Pacific Car & Foundry Insulated Box Cars - Previous Run
Previous run is discontinued - limited quantities remain available.
Please click on photo below for current stock remaining.

Products offered for sale on this web page are NOT TOYS
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