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N Scale Structures
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Built-&-Ready® Structures
These pre-assembled, hand-painted and fully-detailed N scale Built-&-Ready Structures are great for building cities, towns and villages. Each is individually molded with high architectural detail. The added detail really makes a difference. It's the little things that count.
Latest Releases in this Series

This trailer is perfect for gilling and chilling on those hot summer days. The trailer features a large front deck with an awning, a grill and even chairs. A Built-&-Ready Landmark Structure, comes compmlete with a printed interior and two LED lights. Installed lights compatible with Woodland's Just Plug Lighting System. Fully assembled, ready to place and enjoy. Sorry, food not included.
Latest from Woodland Scenics in N scale.

Grillin' & Chillin'
ITEM # WS-4950 - Latest in series - now in stock

List: $54.99

Emilio's will be the talk of the town for any layout. This Built-&-Ready® Italian, family style restaurant is the go-to restaurant for young couples and long standing anniversaries.
This specialty building features sturdy brick walls, an outdoor menu board and seating. Red stained glass windows open to a lovely view of the printed interiors' first floor dining. Atop the roof is a smoke stack and skylight that gives view to a printed room. This building also contains Just Plug lighting for both floors. The installed LED lighting is compatible with the Just Plug® Lighting System. 30mA RoHS Compliant.

Approximate footprint 2-1/4 x 2-7/16 x 2-11/32"

Emilio's Italian Restaurant
ITEM # WS-4944

List: 64.99

The Theater offers classic vintage architecture, an expertly weathered stucco-over-brick exterior, tall arched windows, gilded kick plates on front doors, a decorative tile facade and carved wood trim. Includes window treatments and decals. The building features a first-floor printed interior and two Warm White LED lights - a lighted marquee and one interior light..
Approximate footprint 2-1/4 x 2-3/4 x 2-13/16"

Classic Theater
ITEM # WS-4944

List: 69.99

Woodland Scenics Dugan's Paint Store
Color your layout's world with Dugan's Paint Store. Custom painted, expertly weathered and loaded with architectural detail. Accessories include full roof detail with duct work, custom signage, colorful awnings, benches, fire escape and more. Includes window treatments and dry transfer decals. Building includes a first-floor printed interior and one Warm White LED light.
Approximate footprint 2 1/2" w x 1 31/32" d x 2 1/2" h (6.35 x 5 x 6.35 cm).

Dugan's Paint Store
ITEM # WS-4943

List: 64.99

Woodland Scenics The Depot
The Depot is a classic whistle stop depot suitable for any layout. It features clapboard siding, a weathered cedar shake roof, covered outside passenger waiting area and a modeled interior that includes a ticket clerk figure standing before an open ticket window. Scene-setting details include a lamppost, posted train schedule, luggage carts, benches, semaphore, pigeons sitting on the roof, signage, decals and many more.
 The Depot also includes an installed warm white interior LED light equipped with a plug that is compatible with the Just Plug Lighting System.

The Depot
ITEM # WS-4942 -

List: 64.99

Woodland Scenics J. Franks Grocery Store
Modeled after the independently owned grocery stores that began sprouting up in the early 1900s and that can still be seen today in cities and small towns throughout America. Details and accessories include loading dock w/dolly, large display windows, awnings, kiddie ride and more. The building features window treatments and you can add lighting to accentuate the included printed interior.

J. Frank's Grocery
ITEM # WS-4941

List: 67.99

Woodland Scenic's Sully's Tavern
A neighborhood pub that will add flare to the busiest city street or small town, rural byway. Sully's is loaded with architectural detailing and sports an expertly weathered brick exterior, signage and other scene-setting accessories. The building features window treatments and you can add lighting to accentuate the included printed interior.

Sully's Tavern
ITEM # WS-4940

List: 59.99

Woodland Scenics Davenport Department Store Built-Up
The Classic Victorian architecture housed under a characteristic Mansard roof, a vintage weather vane and intricately styled dormers complete with flowered window boxes. Details include bracketed eaves, back porch with propped open screen door, storm cellar, woodpile, propane tank and more!

Home Sweet Home
ITEM # WS-4939

List: 72.99

Woodland Scenics Davenport Department Store Built-Up
The classic Victorian architecture of Davenport Department Store, with its two-story corner turret will dress up any downtown layout scene. Large first-floor picture windows feature mannequins and second and third floor windows feature a variety of window treatments. Other details include full roof detail, wrought-iron balconies and fire escape, signage, awnings and light fixtures.

Davenport Department Store
ITEM # WS-4938

List: 74.99

#4936 Old Windmill.
Accessories include two oblong stock tanks, a hand pump and a trough.
#4937 Windmill.
Accessories include a round stock tank and a hay rack.
Working windmills were a common site on farms and rural homes throughout America.
Old Windmill
ITEM # WS-4936

List: 16.99

ITEM # WS-4937

List: 16.99

Previous N Scale Structure Releases
#4921 Harrison's Hardware Store
#4922 Fill'er Up & Fix'er Gas Station
Harrison's Hardware Store
ITEM # WS-4921

List: 67.99

Fill'er Up & Fix'er Gas Station
ITEM # WS-4922

List: 69.99

#4923 Corner Emporium
#4924 Clyde & Dale's Barrel Factory
An old-time three-in-one store. Barber shop in front, tobacco shop in rear with Billiards upstairs. Comes complete with cycles, Cigar Store Indian outside. With signs, posters, flag, awnings and old barber pole -- the works!
This old beer barrel factory looks great with definitive architectural design and weathered look Details include propane tank, loading areas, exhaust vents and ladders. Water tower adds romance of yesteryear.
Corner Emporium
ITEM # WS-4923

List: 67.99

Clyde & Dale's Barrel Factory
ITEM # WS-4924

List: 82.99

#4925 Lubner's General Store
#4926 Granny's House
Every layout needs a general store—the social hub of early-day, rural America. Building details include awnings, bubblegum dispensers, signs, curtains, light fixtures and more!
This quaint little home has a rose arbor and Granny’s living room rug airing on the porch. The grandkids must be visiting...their scooters lean on the side of the house and toys on the porch. Footprint: 3 w x 2 11/32 d x 1 1/16" h
Lubner's General Store
ITEM # WS-4925

List: 67.99

Granny's House
ITEM # WS-4926

List: 67.99

#4927 Chip's Ice House
#4928 - Dansbury Depot
Chip's Ice House
ITEM # WS-4927

List: 74.99

Dansbury Depot
ITEM # WS-4928

List: 74.99

Do you remember when food tasted better eaten from a car window tray? Drive ’n Dine sets a nostalgic scene on any layout and features loads of details. Two skate-clad carhops deliver tasty treats and a man in a bright red convertible waits for his order. Additional details include, vintage styled signage, benches, picnic table, several bicycles, light poles and more.
Footprint: 41/4" w X 229/32" d
Drive 'n Dine
ITEM # WS-4929

List: 74.99

Two-story brick-patterned city hall and police station. 360-degree detail includes window shades, propane tank, electric meter, awnings, exterior signage, drainage spouts, and roof top duct work and chimneys. Set includes a red metal canon and Old Glory waving atop a flag pole.

Footprint: 4 1/4" w x 3 3/16"

Municipal Building
ITEM # WS-4930

List: 74.99

You can almost hear the door-bell jingle and smell the leather. You can just imagine the village shoemaker sitting hunched over his cluttered workbench topstitching some new boots or re-soling a pair of shoes
J.W. Cobler
ITEM # WS-4931

List: 67.99

Old Weathered Barn is a stunning representation of a traditional gambrel barn with concrete silo. Although this iconic beauty has seen better days, it will add charm and character to the rural area of any layout. Details include, field stone foundation, shake shingled roof, hayloft door with pulley and rope, a vintage weather vane atop a slatted cupola, concrete grain silo, implement shed and intricately styled, paned windows and traditional barn doors in various states of disrepair.
Old Weathered Barn
ITEM # WS-4932

List: 69.99

This weathered bungalow is a bit rough around the edges and the perfect representation of an old rural home. It is custom painted beautifully and loaded with detail. Features include an outhouse, rusting propane tank, a couple of old barrels, a mailbox, old Bowser asleep on the front porch and more. Built-up, ready-to-place.
Old Homestead
ITEM # WS-4933

List: 67.99

Exquisite and ornate architectural detail highlight this beautifully-weathered, Italianate styled brick firehouse. Details include exterior lights, hinged doors, fire escape ladder, drainage, electrical box, conduit and more. Built-up, ready-to-place.
ITEM # WS-4934

List: 74.99

This vintage gas and service station with its open-beamed overhang, the old globed gas pumps, decals, signage and scene-setting detail is loaded with charm and nostalgia. Details include trash cans, an old bench and chair, cola machine, ice machine and pallets of old junk and car parts. The fenced outdoor service area features an oil-stained concrete floor, a lift, free-standing kerosene tank, old tires, dolly, pole lights and loads more.
Ethyl's Gas & Service
ITEM # WS-4935

List: 69.99

Click on photo below for Pre-Fab Structure Series
Pre-Fab Structures are BLW Priced at only $17.75 each ... check out the line-up. Click on photos above.
#1485 Town and Factory Building Set includes 13 DPM building kits for use with Scenic Ridge or on any N Scale layout. Includes over 70 cast detailed accessories, 60 colorful dry transfer decals and custom door and window canopies.

Woodland Scenics Town and Factory Set

This set includes a "baker's dozen" of Design Preservation Models N Scale structure kits--a complete mini "industrial complex" in one box ... and at a great money savings price! I
ncludes a factory, four-story hotel, corner pharmacy with turret, plus a bar and grill and nine other buildings. To superdetail the structures, over 60 metal castings are included as well as dry transfer signs for the finishing touch.

Scenic Ridge Town and Factory Building Set
ITEM # WS-1485

LIST: $156.99

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